Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Baby guinea pigs

 I am excited to say that we have 6 baby guinea pigs running around our back yard! They are super cute. Three are from Nutmeg and three are from Patience. We got to watch the birth of Patience, and it was a very special memory. We missed Nutmeg's birth by about 45 min. Nutmeg is the proud mother to the only little girl!

They were born about 4 weeks ago. And we have already sold 4 of them. It was a little sad to see them go but as least we know they are going to loving families.
Nutmeg with her babies
Tim-Tam (Nutmeg's baby-boy)
Peter Rabbit (Nutmeg's baby-male)

Lil (Nutmeg's Baby-female)

This is Patience and her babies after they were just born.

Mango (Patience baby-male)

Rhino (Patience baby-male)

Indy(Patience baby-male)

I can't stop thanking God for the cute babies he has blessed us with. They have God's perfect signature written all over them.
They are a gift from God.




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Day 44 Christian Quotes
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Awkward...all the time I do this...
Happens to me all the time!

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