Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A beautiful post

To my fellow readers, I have been busy, thought not as busy as a few weeks ago. School has been one roller-coaster for sure, and I haven't had much time to do anything else, I didn't even have time to chill with my friends! But luckily I'm on top of the mountain.
I just wanted to share and encourage you to check out this post written by a fellow blogger. (the one that has just started her blog)  It is a beautifully written masterpiece. It has some very strong, thought out thoughts, as well as reference to the Bible. The blogger tackles a strong argumentative point that gets a lot of tongues talking. Have a look at it  here . Oh and she has a follow button.... hint hint ;) :)
Another post is coming soon (from me!!!) :) :)
In God's Grace ♥♥♥ Tinyde

p.s What is a post that you my readers would like to see from me? i.e my baking, pets.....
p.p.s I've updated the About Me tab... have a looksee ;)
p.p.p.s I'm trying to fix up the look of my blog so please excuse it's messyness.