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Hey all,

I have changed all my pages over to posts (to save me some confusion whilst I am blogging) And in doing so I have deleted all my pages, with everyone's comments on there. So if it is alright would you mind going back and commenting on the new posts if you want to??

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I'm constantly looking around and seeing all the wonderful creation that the Creator has created. He is the greatest artist, of all. Remember you are a beautiful creation of God's and don't ever let the world tell you other wise. God loves each and every one us, no matter who we are.
Keep your eyes on Him ♥♥


We all love them both to bits, and are ever thankful for them. God is a amazing. Whenever I look at Mannie and see all his muscle I think of the wonderful creator God is. They are a truly majestic creation.

more photos coming soon..


What do you guys think of these photos?

In awe

Standing on a field, in awe of the creator who made it all. I'm so thankful for all that I have.
What are you thankful for?
Blessings Tinyde

Bible verses

Does any one have any encouraging bible verse to share with people?

Some cool ones are.....

God does really care for us with all his heart.
God loves you
Tinyde :D


Yes we (our family) have gone back in time!

We have a cow!! We bought her home last Sunday, and she is so cute, we named her Butter-cup and she has a little bull calf and we called him Sir Loin! My sister wasn't too fussed on the name as she is an animal lover, but I couldn't stop laughing at the name - yes it is a little harsh but hey names do have meanings, and boys don't have a place in the milking world! We haven't been able to touch or go near the calf yet as he is still afraid of us :( Butter-cup is a Jersey and Sir Loin is half British white half Jersey)  Butter-cup is getting used to us and she comes up to us all the time looking for food or a pat. Soon we are going to start milking her, we tried once before and let me tell you it is not easy!

Awwwwwwwww he is so cute
Playing around with Shiloh


Any question don't hold back I love to get comments :D

Natural Arch

On Monday we went to Natural Arch which is in Springbrook national park and it is World heritage listed.  I didn't really now what to expect, but the sight I was going to see was going to be breath-taking. It was an hour and half car ride with some beautiful scenery to see, we packed all the food we could and set on our way!

On the way we stopped at, the Canungra town or the main street. It was a nice little town. Some of the mountain scenery was simply spectacular though it was a little to windy on the way up.

So Natural Arch is an arch that had been made from water from a waterfall that has broken down and all the rock minerals. My dad was saying that when we was a little boy the arch wasn't as big and some of the other little rock pools there hadn't even formed when he went just goes to show you. If we went during the night we would have been able to see glow worms in the cave at which the natural arch is. And what makes it even more amazing to look at is the dead tree that stands in the middle of it....I know it sounds a little weird but once you look at a picture you will now what I mean. I will post some pictures that I took along the way.

It was an 1km circuit to walk and as soon as we stepped foot about 10m from the Arch the temperature dropped heaps! I don't now about other people but I love the smell of rain, and the smell of the waterfall to me was well worth the windy road. The sound of the waterfall was like the sound you hear on the classical you tube videos it was music to my ears! The rainforest that surrounded us was also beautiful, it was so lush and green.

All the dead trees in a dam

The scenery....sorry it is blurry as we were in the car


The waterfall that has formed the arch

The Natural Arch! It is breath-taking

This is meant to look like a snail that has it's mouth open.


My dad saw this shape and said that it looked like a person up-side down with its arms in the air!

So that was my day at Natural Arch

Guinea pigs

Hi All

I am very excited to say that we have new pets.....Guinea Pigs! They are so cute. Cookies, Patience and Nutmeg joined our family in beginning of July...along with our other 21 pets! (our other pets are chickens, dog and a sheep) We got then from some very kind and generous friends. My friend actually has a guinea pig site if you would like to check it out it is . It is a really helpful site, and another cool site to check out is

Patience is the bigger fluffy and yellowish one. She is the oldest out of all of them. Cookies is tan/brown and white and she is my favourite...although she is rather large. Nutmeg is the sister to Cookies and she is orange, brown and white.

Until next time....


I am very excited to say that I have mad the Adriano Zumbo's croque-en-bouch recipe. And it was a success! Well the taste was anyway. It came about as Dad's boss was coming over for dinner and he is a fine diner so asked mum if I could try my hand at making the croquet-en-bouche for when he comes over, and she said yes!

I bet your mouths are watering at the thought. And so they should be! It was one on the best desserts I have ever eaten. It was simply delicious. Anyway I will post some pictures of it, although I am not 100% happy with the looks, I think that it is good for a first attempt.

I am soon to concuer the art of the croquet-en-bouche!

Are your mouth's watering yet?



Some encouraging quotes and pictures.

which one did you like best?
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Some pictures of my latest macarons

oh and also I cake I made with macarons on top....