Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Hi to all the Smile Through Life Adventurers

We stumbled across this awesome website called Artventure. It is a really good website. The whole art lessons are computerised, and the lady that teaches the lesson (her name is Kirsty) explains every step in great detail, making it easier to understand each step. We have just joined up this year and we have absolutely no regrets. It is amazing. Kirsty has built up my self confidence for drawing even more then you can imagine.  The program is for kids from prep to grade seven but there are many great things on there to do. I am in grade 8 and there are some really good lessons on how to draw our faces or eyes that I have really valued. If  home-schooling people read this blog(unlikely but who knows? ) this is a really good art program to use -you should really look into it.

The link is below if anyone is interested in looking at it.  She has four free sample lessons that are really good. If you know anybody who would enjoy it, pass the link on to them, as it is a wonderful program and it is really enjoyable -you will have no regrets!

I can't thank Kirsty enough for what she has done for me to help me be a better drawer. And the good thing about it is you don't have to have all the fancy artist tools.  You can have fun using oil pastels, watercolours, texta, crayon, pencil and many more easy and cheap art supplies.

Kirsty helped me transform my portrait drawings from this to the one below! (yes, I am rather embarrassed to put this picture on the internet, it is rather bad)

Although this picture is a little scratchy, Kirsty really helped me understand the basic fundamentals  to a face or portrait. I really enjoyed this lesson.

This lesson is amazing and it has a lot of colour to make it look really cool.

 Some of my eyes need a little help but this lesson helped me draw realistic eyes, and ever since then I couldn't stop drawing eyes.
I really liked this lesson as it was very cool to instruct.

So if Kirsty ever reads this blog page, I just want to say thank you for what you have done for my drawing ability.
And I really recommend this program to anybody with kids itching to draw.


  1. Hi guys
    Can you pass this blog page onto people that would be interested in this art program. It is really good and I highly recommend to all people with younger aged kids.

  2. Hi Tinyde,

    thanks for all your lovely comments.
    This is my guinea-pig blog:

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

  3. Hi Chantelle
    Thanks for your comment, and helping me to reach my goal for 100 comments by the end of the year will check your blog out.

  4. Hey! It looks like you figured out how to add followers! Awesome job! I like the way you drew the eyes, by the way!! I wish I could draw, but I stink at it!

  5. thanks for your comment, I am sure you are good at drawing, but to be honest before I got art- venture I was the worst drawer!

  6. Hi :) I'm also homeschooled and a believer. I think your blog is neat. You should do some book reviews. I also love classics and old books. ~ Keturah

  7. thanks so much for your comment! And thanks for your tip about the book review I really appreciate it. :D and you home-school, I read your profile thing on Etsy! God bless


  8. Beautiful work Tinyde! Drawing is always fun, though I'm not the best at it ;) but it looks like you have been learning a lot from the art website and that's awesome! You are talented and don't let anyone ever tell you other wise :)

  9. touched my heat <3


    God bless


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