Thursday, 6 June 2013

Yet another Holiday!


This year in May, our family went on a holiday to Adelaide for a wedding, and we then extended it to travelling on the Great Ocean Road. It was a wonderful holiday, I can tell you that. After spending a week in Adelaide in our big motor home, yes a motor home! We were on our way to the Great Ocean Road. Because I have a lot to tell you about, I will only tell you about my favourite highlights, but if you wish to find out about more of my holiday, please ask me in a comment and I will do up another post!

Well, the first place we went was Warrnambool! It had the best playground ever but hey, it was also a pretty cool place. In Warrnambool there was an old restored town, that the public was allowed to go in. It was very well, done and the small fee to pay to get in was very well worth it!

This is a birds eye view of the
 Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village (This pic doesn't capture the whole layout)
It had all the old shops like the blacksmith, and the fabric store and many more of the old styled shops restored very well. They gave us (children) a questionnaire  to do before we left the display. If you ever find yourself in Warrnambool make sure you pop into the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village.

The Blue Lake....
Just quickly, prior to Warrnambool we stopped over at Mt Gambia, and it had the most incredible lake ever. It was called the Blue Lake and it was well and truly blue.  It was a splendorous sight!

What a glorious sight.
We were on the road to the 12 Apostles! But along the way to see the 12 Apostles, there were some more rock formations. The Bay of Islands was the first stop, and I am just putting it out there but the Bay of Islands was probably nicer then the 12 Apostles, then again that is just my opinion.  It was a picture perfect place to be, the water was a beautiful colour.

This is only a glimpse of how magnificent it really is.
Bay of Islands

Then a few minutes down the road we came upon London Bridge! The rock was connected to land but then one day 'London Bridge came falling down'.
London Bridge

Later on we came upon The Lock Ard Gorge. This place has some history, as many shipwrecks happened at Lock Ard Gorge.
Top view of Lock Ard Gorge

Inside the Lock Ard Gorge

Then we were at the 12 Apostles. I have to admit that it wasn't as breath taking as I thought it would be, but it was none-the-less a beautiful sight. There isn't much to say about them but, just to say that it is a beautiful part of the world, and it was a pleasure admiring God's beautiful creation.
The sun wasn't in the right place for the photos unfortunately



Sadly we had to leave the 12 Apostles, but we still had many more places to enjoy.

We were still on the great Ocean Road but close to the end of our trip, and we were on our way to a tourist attraction, called Mt Otway Lighthouse. We were informed by the lady at the information centre that we might see lots and lots of kolas in the trees. At the beginning I began to doubt her word, but when we got further in, by crikey they were everywhere! They were so big and fat and plump! Almost every tree had a koala on it. Some were really low down on a trunk that we could have touched it. Apparently there is over 9000 of them - and they are causing a bit of a problem to the environment.

Just on of the cute kolas!

The next day we spent going to Melbourne, and once in Melbourne we spent the day exploring the city, it was really cool. It was Mother's day so we had brunch at a restaurant, and the food was fit for a king.  Then we had to leave to catch a plane :( :(

Well,that is the end of our holiday highlights. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and if you would like to find out more about my holiday, please leave a comment and I would love to tell you more!

Below I am going to post some really nice pictures of some places.

This picture was taken while looking through a telescope.  

Sorry you are going to have to turn your head!

I love this picture, the red and white triangle thing was a lighthouse!

Our motor home we hired.

In the Melbourne streets

I hope you enjoyed reading about my holiday, catch- ya until next time!


  1. Your blog is so good. It sounds like you had a great holiday. I would love to see the 12 Apostles. The blue lake sounds and looks beautiful. The photo through the telescope looks really cool too. I was just wondering how are the shops in Adelaide? Keep up the good work.

  2. I did have a wonderful holiday, and the 12 Apostles were amazing. Now about your question. The shops in Adelaide are fantastic. We went to Glenelg, in Adelaide and there were lots of side street shops (a little outdoor mall), some really nice shops and Glenelg has some of the best ice-cream shops ever.

    We also went to the Central markets in Adelaide it had some of the best clothes, food, book, stationary and home- were shops ever, no joke. There were a lot of clothes shops and we couldn't help popping our head in all of them! It is a great place to dine with a variety of food to eat, although the restaurants aren't five star. There is also a massive food court were you can pick up a lot of different types of food. I hope this answers all your question, and thank you for your comment it is very much appreciated.

  3. Love the photo of the bikes in Melbourne, great snap. Dado

  4. Hi
    Thanks for the message I am glad that you like my snap shot of my bike!

  5. Lovely photography, Tinyde!! You did amazing at capturing God's creation! The colors and lighting in all pictures are great and capture the scenery that much more beautifully!
    And great eye in taking the picture of the berries with the water and scenery in the background! Great focus and angel ;) keep it up girl, and you will soon be taking pictures like a professional :) (and I'm not even there yet! ;D) Great job!
    All glory to God forever!
    Servant 4 Christ,

    1. You are also a great at photography God has blessed you with a beautiful talent! If you haven't seen Lizzie blogs you should totally check them out they are so cool.


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